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"'Homes' is a 5-track cinematic folk-pop masterpiece full of loveliness, documenting heartfelt tales of nostalgia, heartbreak, reflection, new beginnings and discovery."
- When The Horn Blows




Dutch-born New Brunswick (Canada) singer-songwriter Masha Maria writes dreamy songs influenced by her surroundings and turns small observations into poignant stories. 

Her own story started in Groningen, the Netherlands. Travelling as a street musician, she has seen all of Europe’s nooks and crannies which eventually took her across the ocean to Nashville, TN. While exploring the music cities of North-America, she ended up moving to Toronto, Canada and now lives in a small seaside town in the Maritimes, surrounded by woods.

After being a backing vocalist for several years in the Dutch dream pop band WONDER, she released her first solo EP ‘Homes’ in 2016, a close collaboration with producer and sound artist Patrick Schaafstal.

Currently, she is part of a long-distance recording project with her Americana-folk trio PINFEATHER. After their 
first release "Twelve Fifth-six" in 2021 (under the solo umbrella of Jeremy Johnson), their second single "Moonlight Glow" came out on June the 9th, 2022. PINFEATHER's first UK tour is set to happen in the late fall of this year.

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