Singer-songwriter Masha Schenkel, former backing vocalist of dream pop band WONDER was born and raised in Groningen, the Netherlands. She fell in love with two countries far away from home: Canada and America. And so she summoned up all her courage and moved to Canada.


It all started in late 2014 when she went on a lovesick journey to the other side of the world. Starting off being surrounded by the great lakes of Ontario, she eventually ended up in Nashville, Tennessee.

Inspired by artists like Lera Lynn, Lisa Hannigan and Scott Matthews she wrote many songs to bring back home with her. Once she was settled back in her home country she started working together with producer and sound artist Patrick Schaafstal on her EP 'Homes'.


"In the end, the process of writing 'Homes' was about the realization of the different kinds of home you can have," explains the Dutch singer-songwriter. "I found that someone can be your home. And after losing that home, you could start over and so I took a leap and relocated to Toronto. From here on I will let my music take me wherever it leads me. I think these exhilarating times really resonate in 'Homes'. It's folky and dreamy, with lots of flowing harmonies and guitars. Working literally closely together with Patrick by locking ourselves up for days and days in a tiny home studio, we found a way to create an ethereal EP with both of our visions shining through."