"'Homes' is a 5-track cinematic folk-pop masterpiece full of loveliness, documenting heartfelt tales of nostalgia, heartbreak, reflection, new beginnings and discovery."
- When The Horn Blows




Dutch-born New Brunswick (Canada) singer-songwriter Masha Maria writes dreamy songs influenced by her surroundings and turns small observations into poignant stories. 

Her own story started in Groningen, the Netherlands. Travelling as a street musician, she has seen all of Europe’s nooks and crannies which eventually took her across the ocean to Nashville, TN. While exploring the music cities of North-America, she ended up moving to Toronto, Canada and now lives in a small seaside town in the Maritimes, surrounded by woods.

After being a backing vocalist for several years in the Dutch dream pop band WONDER, she released her first solo EP ‘Homes’ in 2016, a close collaboration with producer and sound artist Patrick Schaafstal.

Currently, she is working on a long-distance recording project with the in the Netherlands based Marije de Vries and United Kingdom-based Jeremy Johnson. Their first release ’Twelve Fifty-Six’ was released on 21/8/2021.

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